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Sand & Silt Bags (Filled)

Product List

Premium Silt Bags (filled with blue metal) ideal for sediment control.
These blue metal filled silt bags allow liquid to flow through at a controlled rate while retaining larger particles.

Hessian bags (filled with washed sand) are ideal for a range of uses including erosion sediment control, flood mitigation, temporary walls and trench and levee construction. These traditional Sand Bags are biodegradable ensuring less of an impact on the environment if left to maintain levees, reinforcement, etc.

Poly Sand Bags (filled with washed sand), durable and long lasting, our polyproplyene bags are ideal for long term applications including erosion sediment control, flood mitigation, temporary walls, etc. These bags are designed to withstand prolonged water submersion.

Slimline Sand Bags (filled with washed sand) ideal for range of uses including clean water diversion (temporary kerb) for road construction projects, sediment control and providing extra weight for traffic/road signs.

  • All bag types can be filled with other specified material upon request
  • Contact us for delivery costs